About Us

Gulf Of Guinea Conversation Group (GGCG) is an online guide that in-forms and educates readers on a range of lifestyle and environmental problems. We balance news stories with articles that highlight nonprofit causes and provide lasting solutions for individuals, people, organizations, and communities. Our readers are available in all shades of green, and wish to create a healthy environment for themselves and the others.


Because we have confidence in the task that they do and these products and services they we’ve chosen to attribute them sell.

We’re an inviting place, therefore please join in the dialogue. Hopefully you’ll give us your suggestions about items, sites, functions, books, and people you like — or politely disagree with. We have a number of tips that we use to display those we feature. Here’s what we look for:

Organic, natural, and/or “green” services and products (as described by the organization)

Services that promote sustainability, healthy living, and a healthy world

Excellent quality

Ethical behavior

No animal cruelty

Please let us know, if you realize that an item or service you find on our site doesn’t meet these expectations. We’ll look it over. We’ll defeat any references for them, if we agree. We’re doing our best to meet our own standards. As Kermit the Frog so aptly said, “It’s challenging being green.” But it’s getting easier all the time, and it’s well worth any extra work.